If you are searching for the latest films that has been put on Netflix and The Perfection catches your eye, then you will probably quickly look at the brief description, tagged underneath the title that reads: “A once-promising music prodigy reconnects with her former mentors, only to find them taken with a talented new pupil”. This is followed next to it of a nothing image from the film of its two lead stars and I don’t blame many people if they automatically think that is going to be a “Black Swan” kind of rip off, a cheap cash in on that fantastic film. Many will probably skip and look for something more bloodthirsty, because what kind of thrill can you get from a description like that?

You may be tempted to even look at a trailer, just to see if in can entice you, but let me stop you there! DON’T!!! There is a reason why Netflix have quite possibly underplayed this film on its menu. Like Sandra Bullock in Bird Box, its best to go in blind when it comes to The Perfection, because the film’s biggest strength is the not knowing.

Honestly, a film like this is the reason why I love the horror genre, especially the films that don’t get a major cinema release and sneak up on you when you least expect it. I’ve got no idea how to write this review without shouting from the rooftops at what happens in it.

From the moment my breath was taken away by the complete and utter surprise at the first shocking twist, right up until the film changes genre and into something dark and quite rightly fucked up, before finishing so strong. To bring this film to the attention of our loyal readers of HCF, I have no choice but to write this review, but its going to be such a short one, simply because I want to keep it spoiler free.

All you need to know is that the two leads, Charlotte (Allison Williams) and Elizabeth (Logan Browning) are absolutely fantastic in the roles. Charlotte was a child genius playing the Cello but had to give it all up to look after her sick mum. 10 years later she seeks out her old life and meets up with her old mentors Anton (Steven Weber) and Paloma (Alaina Huffman), who now have Elizabeth as their next musician prodigy, a life Charlotte could easily have had.

Cue, a revenge film?  

Not quite! The Perfection refuses to play the simple genre game with its audience and if you honestly go into this film knowing nothing, then trust me, you will be gripped by the sheer audacity of the plot. Nothing is what it seems, with the first twist such a shock that I instantly fell in love with what was happening. Its a rarity that it happens and I just adore a film that stuns me like that so hats off to director Richard Shepard for constantly supplying many throughout. Shepard in a recent interview said he was inspired by the work of Park Chan-wook and there is no doubt that he succeeds tremendously because you get that same dark, sick vibe taste that you’ve had before when watching something like the 2003 cult masterpiece OldBoy.

You also get the impression that this film was born in the golden age of French Horror, when a twisted tidal wave of classics like Martyrs and Frontiers were hitting the headlines for all the wrong but glorious reasons. Does The Perfection deserve to be mentioned in the same category? For me personally it can actually stand side by side to such fantastic films with its head held high, and rightly so, for its a horror that just oozes class. Its not flawless! Its so ridiculously over the top at times, but the inventive script always pulls it back from the brink of daftness.  

There are some character choices that will have a few of you questioning the plot and like I’ve said, there are too many twists and turns that are borderline laughable, but when a film ends on that final scene, which is deranged, sick, and full of the darkest black humour you can imagine, then a round of applause to all those involved.

The Perfection is not perfection by any means, but its so damn crazy that that its near perfect and one of 2019’s best horror films.

Lets clap for an Encore!……..