Goes to your head….

                                                         Makes you forget yourself…”

Melanie sung, quietly underneath her breath as she stood up from the sofa and marched towards the television.  The red wine actually had gone to her head as she turned the television off by the mains.  How she loved that song, it brought back so many memories of her single life, with the girls, the drink and the madcap parties.  Way before the life of a married woman with two kids and a newborn.  Always when the drink run through her veins that the song would just come out, like a tradition of hers, a trigger in her mind that would only activate after the first hint of drunkenness had hit her brain.  It’s not as if she loved the group that sung the 80’s classic, yes they made a few decent songs, but being the party girl she was, Melanie was more into disco and rave, but that song! That one song she loved, everyone who knew her realised it, even her husband Michael who was asleep upstairs sang it to her at their wedding even though she had to admit herself it was sung badly.

She giggled to herself as memories of that wonderful day invaded her mind.  That was when the song that brought back so many memories would stop and despite the fact that she missed those days with the girls, she thought of Michael and the great life that she had.  Her wonderful children and the house that they shared.  She stood by the window and looked out.  There was a cold chill in the air as midnight approached and a new day began.  She looked out across the street.  There was no-one around, just houses on the opposite side either with lights on or off.  She decided right then that it was time for bed.   Working as a part-time nurse and with a nice day off tomorrow, and a nice night of relaxation behind her, she knew that with Michael promising to have the little one tonight and get up in the morning to take the other two to school,  she smiled with knowing satisfaction that she should have a peaceful night sleep as well.  With the once full bottle of wine sat stood up by the side of the settee, she nearly knocked it over as one final glance outside, Melanie reached out and closed the curtains.

Working as a part-time nurse is where he first met her.

Intrigued by her beauty and the gentleness of her voice as she spoke, he knew he had to have her there and then.  For Melanie was a beautiful woman.  Her short brown hair, thin body and lovely hand cupped breasts.  His heart skipped a beat as he thought of her naked body next to his, and that is when he got excited.

That is when he pulled out the knife……..

To Be Continued…………