A re-boot? A further remake? Will it be called Scream 5 or just Scre5m?

Either way, slasher fans get ready as it’s been confirmed that Ghostface is returning and has got two of the hottest horror teams to helm!

After the barnstorming and recent mini masterpiece, Ready Or Not, wowed fans at the box office, filmmaking team Radio Silence who consist of Matthew Bettinelli-OlpinTyler Gillett, and Chad Villella, have signed up to bring a new tale of Ghostface slashing.

There is a question if the horror world still has an appeitie for another Scream after the recent TV series adaptations failed to set the small screen alight and while I absolutely loved Scre4m and to this day believe it’s underrated, it still failed to perform at the box office.

It be interesting to see what direction Radio Silence go with this new film and if we see old characters like Sydney and Gale back?

More news as we get it!