We try our best not to spoil things for you. Even our reviews hardly contains any info that gives things away as we believe its not fair!

This news report which as surfaced overnight over the web, does contain a massive spoiler for Halloween Kills, the sequel to the 2018 rebooted franchise entry.

Why are we reporting it? Because its Halloween and there will be many fans who will be curious enough to want to know! Also the news is spreading like wildfire so we are also making you aware that its out there so if you are one of those WHO DOES NOT WANT TO KNOW!….Then please look away…..


Recently, Halloween Kills was screened to a test audience which had a very positive response (thank goodness) and its been described as “bigger and meaner” which will delight gore-hounds and slash fans.

The rumour and spoiler that has been leaked concerns the character of Karen Nelson, played by Judy Greer. I think you can guess if you are still reading, is that things do not look good for Karen and its her “death” that spurs Laurie (Jamie Lee Curtis) for yet another showdown with her bogeyman nemesis.

How true is this? Will it be shown in the upcoming trailer? The countdown to October 15th is on!