One of the most enjoyable Slasher films over recent years has been the Happy Death Day films which saw Jessica Rothe, having to relive the same day over and over, avoiding death and trying to find out who is the killer was behind the mask!

We will admit that the franchise has a love/hate relationship with fans, with the most die hard slasher brigade not really loving the comedy approach and its zany plots that saw the first sequel go even further in its maze of twisty tales.

For an easy weekend watch, they are perfect entertainment and the ending of Happy Death Day 2U left us with a cliff-hanger that many of us want to see resolved!

The trouble was, the box office was not as profitable like its original and it seems any hope for a final instalment, looked very unlikely.  Rothe over the weekend, while on a press tour for “Valley Girl” was asked if there was a chance we could see her back in the role of Danielle.

Here is what she said:

“Chris Landon [Director], who is a genius, has a third movie planned. It’s just if and when in this crazy climate and whatever comes of our industry with everything that is happening if we can make it right.  That’s the thing, we don’t want to half-ass the third one, because it is bonkers he has told me about it, it’s insane. If we do get to make it, I don’t think people will be disappointed. I also wouldn’t mind if twenty years down the line I got to pull a Jamie Lee Curtis comeback ala Halloween and be an ass-kicking, fifty-year-old women. I do think there is probably still life in the franchise, I just don’t know what it looks like, but there is still hope.”

If Rothe hasn’t given up hope, then maybe….and its a small maybe….we may get to see Danielle relive the same day for a third time, in the not so near future.