After the new sequels didn’t really set the world alight, fans have been wondering if the Star Wars franchise could offer up anything really exciting ever again. Then out of the blue, “Baby Yoda” turns up and The Mandalorian exploded into one of the most watched shows of 2019.

Now how can Season 2 top that? Easy….by bringing a certain Boba Fett into the mix!

Yes, 40 years after his demise in the original trilogy, the fans favourite will be making an appearance in the long awaited show and will be played BY an actor with ties to the Star Wars universe.

Temuera Morrison who played Jango Fett in Attack Of The Clones (Boba’s father) and voiced the character in the last two videogames will portray Boba Fett, who will “play just a small role” in the plot!

We can see The Mandalorian 2 being yet another huge success for Disney plus….