Josh Trank shot to fame thanks to his spell blinding found footage Superhero film “Chronicle”, but since then his career has somewhat stalled!

His awful Fantastic Four reboot still lingers long in the memory, while he quit the planned Star Wars prequel film Boba Fett because in his words “I quit because I knew I was going to be fired if I didn’t quit,” as left fans wondering what is happening next in his directing career and are hoping his latest Capone, will capture some of the magic his 2012 debut offered in spades.

During an interview with Polygon last week, he mentioned a Pumpkinhead movie that led to fans and many on social media on a frenzy, speculating that the much loved cult 80’s horror is coming back.

Trank as now addressed those rumours and what he meant:

“There was nothing significant to it. I, at one point, had a conversation with my agent, because I had gone from doing my, I guess, sort of micro-payday or whatever, indie movie, Chronicle, and then things started falling apart or whatever. But there was a lot of incoming stuff,” Trank shared with “After Fantastic Four, there was nothing, literally nothing came in, which is fine. It did not surprise me and it was up to me at that point to just generate my own content.”

He went on, “At one point, about a year later, I was on the phone with my agent. And he had mentioned to me in passing that at one of their morning meetings at the agency, somebody had brought up that there was a Pumkinhead remake. This is over four years ago, but there was a remake, and that they were open to taking meetings with directors for that.

So it wasn’t something that was brought to me. It was mentioned to me from my agent, ‘Do you have any interest in wanting to pursue something like that? If you want, we can set up that meeting.’ That’s really all it was.”

Trank himself admitted that he still hadn’t seen the original 1988 Pumkinhead film which has a mass of fans who have been teased over the years that a remake/sequel is coming!