Some brief news on the much anticipated Halloween Kills with the makers confirming that the old house of Michael Myers will return in the upcoming sequel.

Blumhouse confirmed the news to Halloween fans over the weekend and it will be the first time the house is shown since the Rob Zombie remake in 2007.

Its not the only landmark making a return in the sequel as it was confirmed a few months back that the Haddonfield Memorial Hospital, the setting of the original Halloween II will also be appearing.

Blumhouse have been busy on their Twitter account over the last few days as they also revealed that there are some alternative scenes that are still to be shown to fans, that were shot for their 2018 film.

One scene, suggests that Michael Myers was hiding between the mannequins on Laurie’s shooting range which Blumhouse claim “Would love to finish it one day!”

Do they mean, they would love to recreate the scene for the second sequel? Blumhouse were quite vague on this and if they had already shot it, would it be released to the fans who would love to see extra footage of their favourite bogeyman

Halloween Kills is due on October 16th.