Just when we were looking forward to a Jean Claude Van Damme horror fest, news reaches us that the iconic action star has sadly had to pull out from starring in “The Legend Of Johnny Jones”,

Due to the Covid-19 crisis, it seems that Van Damme has had to pull out from the film, because of the setbacks and that his schedule has moved around.

Angry Troll Studio had this to say

“The gracious and talented Mr. Van Damme said that he loves the project and maybe he can enter the series as another character in the future. Jean Claude Van Damme will always be a hero to us on and off screen. He and his family and team are such wonderful people and it is an honor knowing them. 

So we are talking with other major stars to fill this role at this very moment, and we will let you know the second someone is officially signed. Some of the stars will definitely surprise you!

This film is so important to us; not only because we are such horror and film fans ourselves, but because of the jobs it will bring back to the people in the entertainment industry. So many people have lost a lot of time and money because of the virus, and we feel the quickest way, we at Angry troll Studio, can help people in the entertainment industry recover, is by offering them jobs so they can support themselves and their families.

And as the CEO of Angry Troll Studio, I want to make sure that these movies do not let anyone down. I want to bring real horror back for, “The Legend of Johnny Jones” and “Detour 95” and give you that non stop action in “The Street Avenger” (starring Danny Trejo and Mischa Renee).

We make movies that we want to see and that you can lose yourself in. Thanks again for all of your support!

Its a shame because seeing JCVD in a full blown horror film would have been a delightful treat, lets hope that sometime in the future we’ll get to see the opportunity.