Before she gained horror iconic status with the role of Sydney Prescott in the Scream franchise, Neve Campbell also starred in the 1996 cult favourite The Craft, in which she played one of the teens in a coven of witches.

The film has rightly become one of 90’s most cherished horrors and if you didn’t know, Blumhouse are remaking the film with Band Aid director’ Zoe Lister-Jones behind the camera.

The cast which include Cailee Spaeny, Gideon Adlon, Lovie Simone, Zoey Luna, David Duchovny, and Michelle Monaghan, wrapped up filming this week and Collider asked Campbell if she had any part to play in the re-boot!

This was her answer:

“With the new Craft, we’ll see. For me, I didn’t really wanna be a part of it, but I think they’ve got a very interesting take, and I hope they get a chance to do something great. I think the timing might’ve been challenging with COVID, but hopefully they’ll be able to finish the film.”

This follows reports that Campbell is interested in returning for the planned Scream V which is going to directed by the team behind last year’s hit Ready Or Not!

As of yet we have no word if the original cast that included a memorable performance by Fairuza Balk with have any cameos.

The new film is reported to follow the same storyline as its original!

More as we get it!