Its a film that for many was a permanent fixture in their childhood viewing.

The 1986 musical fantasy Labyrinth which was directed by Jim Henson and had George Lucas in an Executive Producer role is a much loved children’s classic, mostly thanks to standout turn by the late David Bowie, the Goblin King who set his eyes on the infant brother of Sarah (Jennifer Connelly).

Its a movie that keeps on getting discovered with every new generation and news last year that the long awaited sequel is coming, brought howls of delight among the massive fan base.

News broke yesterday that the plan for a follow up is still going ahead, only this time the Evil Dead (remake) director Fede Alvarez is stepping aside and to be replaced by Scott Derrickson who brought Doctor Strange to the big screen.

The sequel is still on track for a theatrical release, but no dates yet of when that will be!

More as we get it!