It was once one of the most watched show on TV, but a few seasons of mediocre, has seen the viewing figures of The Walking Dead plummet with fans unhappy at the twists and turns and the slow pace that even the dead outrun,

For those who stuck by the show have seen a remarkable improvement in Season 10, with tighter scripts and a more menacing tone, but with the finale delayed due to the real life crises, Greg Nicotero who directed the finale, believes it be worth the wait.

He said:

It’s one of my favourite episodes of the season…What’s great about our show, and what Angela [Kang, showrunner] has done so well, is really kept the momentum of the story moving forward. Where we last left everyone was that Beta and the horde was surrounding the tower, and the finale picks up right where we left off.

There’s a lot of character storylines that are [addressed] — you get little bits of information here, here, here, and you want to end that chapter and start the next chapter in the finale…We address lots of stuff with Daryl, lots of stuff with Negan, lots of stuff with Beta, lots of stuff with Carol. I think it’s already been revealed that Maggie’s return is in the finale, and it tees us up so well for Season 11 that it’s a little agonizing for me to not be able to talk about it. Because the last two minutes of the finale, people’s jaws are gonna drop.

We are wondering if Maggie (Lauren Cohen) will return right at the end to leave us all desperate for season 11 to drop.