One of the best horror films from 2018 was the 80’s inspired Summer of 84 that won massive acclaim from fans who are eager to see what the guys do the next.

Matt Leslie and Stephen J. Smith who wrote the cult film have announced that they have a new film , THE KNOCKING in the works and this is what they had to say while talking to the guys from Bloody Disgusting.

It’s not tonally unlike Hereditary, where it’s something that’s like supernatural and terrifying, but also feels like it could really happen. We cannot wait to get it made and show the world,

We’re building out a really cool cast that we’re excited about right nowWe’ve already got our leads and a couple of the other bigger roles.”

It sort of revolves around the idea of a Faustian bargain. Tonally, it’s sort of like a mystery-romance-horror [movie].”

THE KNOCKING is being described as a “slow burn” and production has been delayed due to the real life crisis.

More as we get it!