One of the most original slasher franchise of the last few years are the two Happy Death Day films, a Groundhog Style horror with a fantastic lead in the shape of Jessica Rothe.

While everyone involved including Rothe are more than happy to return for a third film and with the second, ending in a cliff-hanger, fans are hoping that one day they will get to see the conclusion of the story,

The trouble is, despite the massive critical acclaim, the first sequel flopped at the box-office which resulted in Jason Blum saying that its looking very unlikely that a third film will happen.

Well speaking to Entertainment Weekly this week, he was asked the question if a Happy Death Day 3 is possible and he didn’t rule it out!

Let me tell you, I’m working overtime on it. Believe me. I’m trying.” was his simple reply.

Not really much to go on, but hey….its a slow news day!