After the huge success of The Invisible Man for Blumhouse, our interest now turns to their take on the iconic Dracula tale, a horror that is going to be directed by  Karyn Kusama (Jennifer’s Body, The Invitation).

While we have been told that the timeline will be set in the modern times, Kusama in a recent podcast, explained it will still be a faithful take on the the original Bram Stoker novel!

She added:

I think something that gets overlooked in adaptations of Dracula in the past is the idea of multiple voices. In fact, the book is filled with different points of view, and the one point of view we don’t get access to, and most adaptations give access to, is Dracula himself. So I would just say, in some respect, this is going to be an adaptation called Dracula, but it’s perhaps not the same kind of romantic hero that we’ve seen in past interpretations of Dracula.”

No news on casting yet, but Kusama is working on a script by THE INVITATION writers Matt Manfredi and Phil Hay.

More as we get it!