Well this is big news.

For fans of a generation, Michael Keaton was Batman, with both Tim Burton films often regarded as a fantastic era in the Superhero genre.

Now in a shocking development, it’s been reported that Keaton is back in talks with Warner Bros and is set to reprise the role he left in 1992 and will appear in the upcoming Flash movie.

The Ezra Miller flick will be based on the infamous Flashpoint storyline and it’s more intriguing now that Keaton is back involved.

This is not all.

Keaton it seems will also appear as Batman in numerous films, in which he is reportedly going to become the Nick Fury of DC Films.

If this deal works out….expect him to turn up in the planned BatGirl film.

I can’t explain how exciting this is, 1989 was a memorable year for when BATMAN was released and Keaton will always be my favourite Dark Knight, so this happening is an exciting prospect, I never saw coming.

More as we get it!