Even though David Cronenberg remade the film in 1986 and its rightly considered a horror classic, not even moments of Jeff Goldblum vomiting on his food, or his penis in a jar could ever match the chilling effect that the original 1958’s The Fly had to offer.

Having already got over the first shock of seeing a head of a Fly on the body of Andre Delambre, after a scientific experiment went wrong, we now get the final scene and its one of the most creepiest moments ever witnessed in any horror movie.  

We see a trapped fly, in a spider’s web, with the spider itself preparing to eat it.  But on inspection, we see the reversal of a normal fly, but with Delambre’s head and mind, screaming for help……

His high screech voice and desperate cries, even to this day, is a scene that any horror fan can bow with deep satisfaction at just how creepy the entire final moment of the film is.

And its all done with just two words…repeated over and over….

Delambre:  Help me…….help me…..