Long before Adam Wingard played around with the Blair Witch and just after he delivered the crowd pleasing You’re Next, he made a little film called The Guest.

While not a box office smash, making only half of its budget, the film has become a massive cult fav among horror fans with it’s Halloween Vibe mixed in with some delightful action scenes and fans have been hoping for a sequel for some time.

Lead star Dan Stevens who can be seen in the upcoming horror/thriller The Rental has been talking about the possibility of a sequel and here is what he said!

It didn’t open to massive box office numbers at the time, but it has had a real life beyond that. Now that it’s back on Netflix again, it is having a huge revival. That, for me, is a kind of success in and of itself. … Simon Barrett, the writer of THE GUEST, said to me the other day that all ‘cult film’ means is that it didn’t make any money at the time. It’s been delightful that it’s continued to have this life. Not every film you make is going to have that sort of enduring appeal. For me, in the limited career I’ve had so far, THE GUEST has had the longest legs. People just this week, for whatever reason, are discovering it and messaging me and saying, ‘I can’t believe it took me this long to discover this film. It’s great.’ That’s really satisfying.”

And what about a sequel:

We’ve certainly talked about it. I’d love to work with both Adam Wingard, the director, and Simon again. Adam’s pretty busy with giant apes and monsters at the moment with GODZILLA VS. KONG. Simon and I have talked about many things. A sequel to THE GUEST has come up. I don’t know quite what form that would take, and I think we are a way off from it happening, but it’s always a possibility.”

Let’s hope so!