Quite an odd but intriguing project is being planned by Gary Dauberman, the director of ANNABELLE COMES HOME as he has signed up to produce an animated adaptation of the upcoming Image Comics book STRAY DOGS for Paramount Animation.

In what is being described as a cross between Lady and The Trap meets Silence Of The Lambs – yes really –Dauberman has teamed up with Mark Perez (Game Night) who will write the screenplay.

The STRAY DOGS comic was created by Tony Fleecs and Trish Forstner.

Dauberman had this to say about the planned animated horror.

So much of what makes horror work is taking something innocent and twisting it into something scary. Like a doll in ANNABELLE. Or a clown in IT. And that’s what we want to do in STRAY DOGS: take animation and twist it into something terrifying by using it to explore a really dark story. For me, the project combines a lot of my passions: animation, horror and, well, dogs.”

Sounds barking mad (sorry)!