Don’t know how to take this bit of snippet news, but McG the director of The Babysitter franchise has revealed that there are plans for a third film in the near future.

While both films have have been a huge hit for streaming giants Netflix, the first was well received by critics and fans alike, but the sequel which was dropped onto the site last week, has received a much more critical response.

The Babysitter: Killer Queen received a 1 hatchet rating from our own review over the weekend and it’s been a similar feeling among a few horror review sites, but McG still has yet a another story in him, if Netflix grants him a chance.

This is what he said on The Boo Crew Podcast

There have always been three beats to this story. There’s the first beat, which is an adolescent Cole, who is having these strange feelings about the babysitter. But naturally, it’s not appropriate for him to realize those feelings with a grown woman. In the second film, he’s in an age where he can experience love… and we could explore that. I don’t want to talk about the third beat of the Cole arc. But should the audience like this movie, we’re ready to do the third one. Let’s see if people like this one.”

We personally feel the franchise is done and should be left alone. What do you think?