At its peak, Prison Break was one of the best shows on TV, a riveting 40 minutes of action and suspense that was up there with the golden eras of such classics like LOST and 24.

The trouble is, that “peak” happened during it’s first season and while Season 2 and the underrated Season 3, still contained thrills and spills, even die-hard fans admit that once the storyline reached its conclusion at the end of its first season, the premise had nowhere else to go and it limped towards it’s a half hearted fifth run that was just ok!

Since then it’s lead stars, Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell have re-teamed in CW hit The Flash as Captain Cold and Heatwave, but when asked if we could see a further escape for Michael and Lincoln, this is what Purcell said.

Rumor number 1. I’m old. Yes, I’m 50…..Rumor number 2. I’m bald. No I have a full head of hair; the people demand I shave it.

Rumor number 3, Will season 6 happen. Yes…..

While nothing has been confirmed, there are strong rumours that plans for a Prison Break return is being worked on behind the scenes.

Once we have confirmation, we’ll let you know!