Over the last few years, 80s classics like Fright Night and Hellraiser have all had some pretty good documentary’s that have won huge acclaim from die hard fans and while Fred Dekker’s The Monster Squad was a box-office flop in 1987, the Goonies inspired kid horror has become a massive cult favourite and is now getting the required same treatment as those greats.

Directed by THE MONSTER SQUAD cast member Andre Gower and called the brilliant WOLFMAN’S GOT NARDS, the documentary has a few talking heads that you may be familiar with as the likes of Shane Black (who co-wrote) Adam Green, Joe Lynch, Adam F. Goldberg. and Dekker himself all lead their voice to the show.

Gower shared his excitement for his project by saying

I was thinking about all of the amazing stories that these fans have told me and our fellow castmates over the last decade of this resurgence. Those stories never ceased, or slowed down, or stopped. They just kept on growing, and getting deeper and more fascinating. I started to realize that there’s something really special there, that this movie had a really deep impact on a lot of people, and it was different from anything else that I could really put my finger on.”

The doc is due for release on October 28th.

Here is the trailer: