Fans of the Werewolf genre will tell you that the two films that many try to inspire to are An American Werewolf In London and The Howling and nothing else competes.

Well, I am the rare breed that while I totally adore and cherish the two classics above, my favourite Werewolf film of all time is in fact the 2000 flick Ginger Snaps, that not only spawned two excellent sequels, but as also become a huge cult fav among the horror base.

With rumblings of a further film over the last few years, with the last being released way back in 2004, its been announced that the franchise is moving to the small screen and the story of sisters Ginger and Brigette, will be told to a new generation.

Thankfully John Fawcett, the co-creator and director of the original is behind the project and is teaming up with the same studio who brought us the UK smash “Killing Eve

Here is what he had to say about the news, that will delight fans.

Could it be more socially relevant in this day and age to launch the television series, Ginger Snaps?,”

“For me, this is the ultimate follow-up to Orphan Black and I know those fans will find new love with the iconic Ginger and Brigette Fitzgerald. Anna Ssemuyaba is the perfect writer to help us bring our edgy, girl-power horror story to the small screen. I can’t wait for a big bite of this!”

Anna Ssemuyaba who is script duties also shared her excitement!

I have long loved Ginger Snaps and its incisive portrayal of the agony, ecstasy, and unbridled rage that comes with being a teenage girl,” said Ssemuyaba. “I’m honoured to be reimagining it for a new audience.”

Ginger Snaps originally starred Emily Perkins and Katharine Isabelle as two sisters, in which one gets bitten by a Werewolf one night and starts to gradually transform.

If you have never seen it, we seriously recommend it!