Our next entry in our Slasherthon is the 2011 film HUSK, that may delight those who love their Slashers cheap…..

There is something quite strange about the film Husk! 

For a start I actually had to knock the film off in the first ten minutes and take a look at the DVD cover.  I knew it was called HUSK, but I was looking for a sub title that suggested this was yet another sequel to the Children Of The Corn series. 

The opening half is eerie, you swear that it was from the Stephen King franchise, re-born into a new form, but just as I was getting comfortable in my seat and thinking of that comparison, the film threw up a Scarecrow which then got me thinking of yet another classic horror.  Throw in a Crow which, well?, just reminds you of The Crow and you can see that writer and Director Brett Simmons had inspiration from a number of films before he sat down and wrote this horror!

Is that a bad thing?  Well before I answer that, we get to the plot and to be fair the film barely has you sitting in your seat before it goes for broke.  Five friends out on a drive in the middle of nowhere, get in the typical car crash and awake to find one of their numbers missing.  They decide to venture into a whole field of corn where they stumble across an old rundown farm house that just happens to have a light on in the top bedroom.  Thinking there is someone home, they go inside and sadly for them, it be the worst mistake they ever make!

If you reading that and you are a full blown horror fan then you probably be sighing at the lack of originality and to be fair Husk’s biggest problem is making die hard fans forget about the cliché set ups that engulf this movie.  And there are many, but before I sound as if I am criticising this movie, I have to comment on how well made this is.  Husk is a a cut above most Straight to DVD horrors in the production design, it looks good and is well directed by Simmons who knows how to shoot a good scene.

 The pace of this movie is probably the most frightening aspect of Husk.  I swear that when the car crashed at the beginning and they awoke and saw a certain character had vanished, I actually stopped to think, “who was he?”…”was there five people in the car?”, Husk does not bother with any character development, instead it knows its flaws and just wants the viewer to go with the ride.

And at times it is a great trip!  When they come across a Scarecrow in the middle of the corn, you know that is not a good sign, and as soon as you see our Worzel up on the stick, you realise that this film is not a modern version of Children Of The Corn but that of the underrated classic Night Of The Scarecrows, and again I have to say is that a bad thing?

In a weird sort of way and this is where even I am confused, at times the old hat script and plot actually works, because Simmons turns the screw and you’ll be smiling at sudden changes.  Characters who you think would not die actually face their maker, and the director throws up some stunning set pieces that show immense talent behind the camera. 

The attack on the car half way through as the gang try to escape is brilliant and worth the watch alone, as its a vicious assault that had me breathless.  What I also loved is that when the gang arrived at the farm house I was expecting the film to instantly become yet another Gore-porn, but once again full credit to Simmons who decides not to go down that route.  Instead he tries the old fashioned way of a Supernatural yarn and while it rips off most and I have to say better films, there is nothing to dislike about Husk!

My only complaint is that the old horror chestnut which frustrates me is in full display here.  One of the reasons why I dislike Jeepers Creepers 2 is that a character who has never displayed Telepathic abilities, suddenly gets them.  It happens here, one of the mainstays starts to see into the past, to explain what is happening and I just find that a lazy way to explain the plot.  I like horrors that does not find the need to explain everything, and here it at times it derails the decent attempt for a bit of fun.

Because that is what Husk is, a bit of fun! With no mobile phones, some stupid decision making that only happens in horror, a film that will depend on what you want. If you looking for a type that will test your brain, then please do not bother, but if you looking for a bit of Friday Night fun, then grab a copy, a pizza and a few cans!  Husk delivers the cheap scares in full doses of corn…and for that it can only be applauded!