Some news that the great guys over on Den Of Geek brought to fans over the Halloween weekend that made us at Hacked 2 Pieces sit up and go “OH YES”, is the possibility of a sequel to the much cherished werewolf film Dog Soldiers.

Ironically it was the very film that I watched to start my Halloween film Marathon so to wake up the next morning and see these headlines, I found it quite uncanny!!

Anyway, as there is no definate announcement, director Neil Marshall has confirmed that there are talks in place.

Here is what he had to say:

There’s more of a chance now than ever before there’s things in the works and we’re seeing what we can do. Certainly, myself and Kevin McKidd and [Dog Soldiers producer] Chris Figg are up for it to revisit this world. Over the past 18 years the question I get asked pretty much more than anything else is when are we going to get Dog Soldiers 2?’ Part of me thinks I’d like to go back and re-visit that world somehow. And if Kev’s up for it, then that would make it worthwhile for sure. So we’ll see. You never know.”

The original, released way back in 2002 has become a firm cult classic about a bunch of British Soldiers, fighting off a horde of Werewolves in the Scottish Highlands.

Let’s hope we finally get a long overdue sequel, because the horror genre itself…needs more Werewolf tales…