An intriguing bit of news to bring our to our readers.

Todd Strauss-Schulson the director who delivered one of the best slasher films of modern times in the shape of The Final Girls is now turning his attention to the zombie genre and he has bagged Colin Firth for a starring role.

Firth will star in the film adaption of Tencent’s popular digital comics Zombie Brothers that is created by Jia Haibo. The film we believe will be centred around a Chinese character who leads a ragtag team of New Yorkers in a fight to stay alive during a zombie apocalypse.

 STXfilms and Tencent Pictures are behind the film.

Colin Firth (Kingsman) has signed on to star in the adaptation inspired by and based on characters created by Jia Haibo in Zombie Brothers, one of the most popular titles on Tencent’s digital comics and animation platform.

“Zombie Brother is set in City H, where the water supply has been contaminated by an ancient coffin. People who drink the water, therefore, turn into “Zombie Brothers” who eat others to evolve. The main character is Bai Xiaofei, an ordinary boy who loves playing computer games at home — the story follows Bai as he steps out of the house and hits the road to find his girlfriend.”