Teens get trapped in a very odd place in this uneven horror flick, that is low on budget, but high on ideas.

Reviewing a film is easy. You watch, judge and then give your opinion and at times, the more rubbish the film, the more easier it is to write. This cheaply made horror is one of those you can put into a “difficulty” category as there are glaring awful moments that will make you shudder, but at the same time, displays some unique moments that will have you marvelling at the idea.

Opening up with a ghastly tune that may make you feel like switching off even before blood is spilled, Sweet Taste Of Souls starts off with a woman – Ellinore (Honey Lauren) menacingly and laughably cutting up a pie which morphs and blurs right in front of her.

Still with me? Its a daft start that may just rise your interest in what is happening, even though when we meet up with the main gang in danger, a travelling rock band, you may start questioning yourself again as the group contain unlikeable characters that you probably will not care if they live or die.

The four bickering foursome, Nate (John Salandria), Kyle (Mark Valeriano), Wendy (Amber Gaston) and Lily (Sarah J. Bartholomew) stop off at a diner to grab some “pie” – see where I am going here- and while the the odd film title suggests some cannibalism on offer, what we get instead is an ingenious idea that rises the horror above its cheap limitations.

Its here I’ll have to go into some spoilers, for the sake of our readers, because judging from the first half hour, many of you may not be interested in seeing where the actual plot is heading.

In a wicked idea as it seems Ellinore has found a perfect way to trap the souls of those who enter her diner and its by the simple use of a camera. Once the group have had their photograph taken, they are weirdly trapped in the photo frames, hung proudly on the walls, along with the many other poor souls that have ventured into the diner.

Its from here that the film sparkles with creativity and there is one dark scene in which Lily dares to stand up to Ellinore and then wishing she hadn’t which will give nightmares to those who are scared of confined spaces.

From the dodgy start, the plot begins to build in confidence, mainly due to the mental state of Ellinore who after starting off as a bit of a joke character, begins to morph into a serious deranged bogeyman where a weapon like a paper shredder can bring terror to those around here.

Its the final quarter that the idea does not quite match its execution, with some weird scenes that don’t quite pay off, more so when we head into the path ghostly figures and some iffy CGI.

But being a horror fan who watches so many horror films, I can not say Sweet Taste Of Souls is a bad film. The overall idea is a cool concept that made me nod my head in delight, its a shame its mixed in with poor acting and questionable dialogue that will have many of you reaching for the off button, while a selected few, will appreciate what all involved have tried to achieve.

Much like the cherry pie on sale….an acquired taste…..

2.5 Hatchets Out OF 5