Remember the date as December 3rd 2020 could be the day that the film world changed for ever!

In a move that has stunned everyone, Warner Bros have announced that their entire film catalogue for 2021 will be released in cinema’s and straight their HBO Max channel ON THE VERY SAME DAY, with that streaming service getting some pretty important films over the next 12 months.

Big hitters like The Matrix 4, The Conjuring 3, The Suicide Squad will debut simultaneously in theatres and on HBO Max in the U.S. After one month, they will stop streaming and continue to play only in theatres.

Its following on from the recent shocking announcement that the long awaited Wonder Woman sequel will be doing exactly the same on Christmas Day.

Its a huge move by Warner Bros who tried to bring people back to the cinema with the critically acclaimed Christopher Nolan actioner TENET, but while it tried its best at the box office, its performance has no doubt made the studio believe this is the only way forward.

Is this the end of cinema? Well there has been a clamour for films to be released on streaming at the same time, mostly to combat privacy and while its a bit too early to say the impact this decision will make, we have no doubt that it will cause some Cinema chains shake in their boots.

Warner Bros have added that this is just a one year deal and hopefully things will go back to how it was in 2022, but you just get a feeling that if this really does become a success for the studio, then today was the day when our watching habits changed for good!