Not content with bringing Michael Myers and Laurie Strode back from the dead in the latest Halloween re-boots, its being reported that director David Gordan Green is now in talks with Blumhouse and Morgan Creek Productions to bring back horror classic The Exorcist to a new generation.

Currently there is has been no official confirmation from both studios of this happening, but rumours are growing and we are expecting an announcement at any time.

Green who is currently heavily involved in the new Halloween trilogy and saw the second film being delayed for a full year back in October, is also lined up to play some part in HBO’s new planned Hellraiser show, which means he has his fingers on some pretty big horror franchises at the moment.

We haven’t had a brand new Exorcist film on the big screen since 2005, but we did have a recent critically acclaimed TV Show that was based on the original film, that was ruthlessly axed by its studio earlier in the year, much to the dismay of its fans.

More as we get this interesting development.