A grieving couple do the the unthinkable and release a horde of nightmarish creatures that even Clive Barker would be proud of, in this stunning horror flick by Justin G Dyck.

Now and again a horror comes out that makes you weep at the fact that it will be missed by the masses. Now available on Shudder, Anything for Jackson is a stunning achievement by director Justin G Dyck and for everyone involved, in which it offers up a unique slant on the “Possession” genre and fantastically serves up one of the best horror releases over the last 12 months.

There is no mucking about with the plot, no slow burn to build up the scares, the film immediately serves up its intentions in the first five minutes as we start with what seems a normal Grandparents house with Henry (Julian Richings) and his wife Audrey (Sheila McCarthy) having a normal conversation in the kitchen, until Henry pops outside and then drags in a heavily pregnant woman named Shannon (Konstantina Mantelos), chains her to a bed and starts to put their plan in action.

Having lost their daughter and grandson in an accident, the grieving duo have targeted the unborn child of Shannon’s and having joined a “cult” and borrowing a kind of book that would not look out of place in the hands of Bruce Campbell’s Ash, they start a ritual so that Jackson can be reborn in the new body of the unborn child.

Of course by doing this, means they have probably never seen any horror film that would warn them in how stupid this whole idea is, as from reading the ancient lines in the book, opens up a gateway for other ghostly going’s on and all of a sudden, terror haunts each corridor of the room and everyone, including visitors are in danger.

What follows is a stunning imagery of horror that will blow you away and make Hellraiser fans rejoice at what is happening. Honestly, there are mouth watering sequences that will leave you in awe with the likes of a “flossing” scare that is delightful and a “trick or treat” set-piece that immediately demands a re-watch.

At its core and away from the terror is a character based threesome that is just as strong as the blood and chills being sprayed across the snowy garden lawn. Shannon’s desperate pleas to save herself and her child will have you on her side and even the grandparents, with their age being something of a rarity in the horror field, will have you hoping that they somehow manage to redeem themselves as the chaos starts to unfold around them.

With a frightening “time loop” ghost added to the mix, Anything For Jackson is one of the best horrors to have come out in years and its as close to the world of Clive Barker a fan can get as you’ll half expect Pinhead to turn up with his own blood thirsty agenda.

For a director mostly know for his Christmas movies, Justin G Dyck has delivered the ultimate present for horror fans and with it somehow being hidden away on a streaming site, we really do hope that it gets an audience and fanbase it so richly deserves…..