Anyone looking for a good old fashioned slasher, will need to avoid this arty attempt at something different that comes across ambitious but ultimately ends up rather dull and tepid!

Yawning and a strong fight to keep my eyes open is the only way I can describe what I was doing and feeling when the final credits rolled on this slasher, that has come with a decent word of mouth, which resulted in me questioning those who have praised the 90 odd minutes of film, which made me wish I watched something else instead.

No matter how low budgeted your slasher film is, if you have a cool killer (wearing a cool mask is an added bonus) and of course some wicked kills, then the easily pleased fanbase will no doubt find some pleasing aspects for it to end up being added to their collection, but the trouble with BLIND is that it offers nothing of note, instead coming across like a bad American Soap Opera in which a psycho sometimes pops his head up to say hello and offer some dull carnage.

Sarah French plays Faye, a former actress who after botched laser surgery, is now blind and is struggling to adapt to her new found way of living. She spends most of her days, pacing the floors of her lavish villa, alongside a non stop musical soundtrack that is quite possibly the only scariest concept that the film manages to offer and not in a good way!

While we spend a lot of time with Sarah and her two new friends she met at a support group, Sophia (Caroline Williams) a fellow blind lady who is trying to offer support and Luke (Tyler Gallant) a mute handsome man who is clearly in love with Faye, the film does cut to our killer –Pretty Boy, a serial killer with a fetish for dolls and who of course has targeted Faye as his next victim.

Unlike Mike Flanagan’s HUSH which used its disability concept to try and get as much tension as possible out of its story, there is no attempt to do the same here, instead trying to make a film look lavish with colour and yet have this dark undercurrent slicing through it. To its credit, it looks rather striking, but what is the point of having all spectacle and then offer up a tedious tale that most of you will seriously struggle to get through?

BLIND makes the ultimate slash sin by taking itself too seriously. There is no fun to be had, no tension on offer, its basically a Hallmark movie, dressed up as a Slasher with the only horrific moment being that the end promises a sequel is coming….

Someone save us…..