Once upon a time, DEXTER was one of the best TV Shows in recent memory.

Rita, Blood slides, The Trinity Killer, Deborah, the show was a weekly must see watch, but then the finale happened and the memory became soured, leaving a bitter memory that the show constantly suffers from.

Now after all these years, Michael C Hall is bringing his iconic serial killer back for one more final round of killings, hoping to put right what went wrong and giving fans the closure that they and the show so desperately needs.

With Clancy Brown already announced as the new bad guy foe, there has been a few more additions added on to the cast rota.

Joining up will be Julia Jones (The Mandalorian) is taking on the role of Angela Bishop, “the first Native American Chief of Police in her town in upstate New York”. Johnny Sequoyah (Believe) will play Audrey, her teenage daughter. Alano Miller (Underground) a Police Sergeant, with Jack Alcott (The Blacklist) playing Randall, “with whom Dexter has a meaningful encounter”.

The show will run for 10 episodes and will be set 10 years after the finale and will be set in New York, far away from the sunny delights of Miami.

I for once can not wait!