88 Films are being really generous to the horror fans in the UK as having already released a I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER trilogy box-set, they have now announced that they’ll be doing the same with a Blu-Ray release of the Urban Legend films.

The original Urban Legend was released in 1998, on the back of the success of SCREAM and while its not the best slasher film ever made, it still an enjoyable load of nonsense, held with great affection among Slash fans.

Its sequel Urban Legend Final Cut was released two years later and while it didn’t set the box-office alight, it did have some decent kills and does have its core base of fans.

The less said of Urban Legend: Bloody Mary which was released in 2005, the better. The film took a different concept and even though it was directed by Mary Lambert of Pet Semetary film, its approach brought much negativity from fans of Slash.

But you can judge for yourself when the series box-set is released on March 29th.