Its been such a long time since Jason lost rose from his watery grave below Camp Crystal and there seems to be no end of the court battle that is stopping any hope of a brand new addition to the much loved iconic franchise.

News today has cast even more doubt in it ever be resolving as The Hollywood Reporter are reporting that Sean Cunningham has entered into another battle regarding the rights, this time with WB and Paramount in his sights.

Here is what the report said:

THR reports, “Friday the 13th producer Sean Cunningham has launched a new lawsuit over net profits from the horror franchise. According to a complaint filed on Thursday in Los Angeles Superior Court, the studios distributing the films have “systematically misaccounted” contingent compensation.”

The Friday the 13th franchise has grossed more than $129 million, according to the complaint, but Cunningham says audits revealed there’s been improper deductions of fees and bonuses, undervalued licenses, an underreporting of merchandizing revenue and pay TV income, and on and on. He also complaints that Paramount and Warner have redacted their “package” license agreements — preventing him from fully understanding the flow of money. He alleges that defendants’ “withheld documents would reveal that the Pictures’ distribution was structured to inequitably advance the interest of Defendants and favoured third parties.”

Oh dear, what with this now added to the battle Cunningham has with original writer Victor Miller, it seems the wait for a Jason return looking more and more unlikely.