Its been confirmed that HBO have found their Joel and Ellie for their upcoming Limited series adaption of the popular Videogame THE LAST OF US, as they have announced that Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey have signed up on the dotted line.

Even though he was recently seen as the bad guy in the Wonder Woman sequel, Pascal has been playing the The Mandalorian in Disney’s critically acclaimed Star Wars spin off and his involvement in this new project will not stop him from starring in the planned season 3.

Ramsey is of course famous for her role in Game Of Thrones, a show that Pascal himself starred in as Oberyn The Red Viper’ Martell.

The Last Of Us is considered as one of the greatest Video Games of all time, having sold over 17m copies since it was released. The show will be written by Craig Mazin who gave us the award winning Chernobyl and the plot will follow the same path in which it is set 20 years after a zombifying pandemic sweeps across North America, survivor Joel is tasked with transporting teenager Ellie across the country to a lab where a cure is being developed.

It has been confirmed that there the show will also have some plot threads of The Last Of Us game sequel!