When news broke that there was a FACE/OFF reboot happening, there were howls of despair from fans who adore the 1997 John Woo action masterpiece and Social Media went so much in meltdown that Adam Wingard who is the director responsible to bring this new version to the big screen, had to put out a statement to confirm that it was indeed a sequel and not a remake.

Now Wingard speaking during the IGN Fan Fest 2021 has once more 100% give confirmation that this film will indeed be a Face/Off 2 and that he had fellow writer Simon Barrett have virtually completed the script.

Here is what he said:

“I would never make a remake of Face/Off. I would never make a reboot. And I’ve seen a lot of people, even after I said that this is a direct sequel, they keep calling it a reboot hybrid sequel or remake hybrid sequel. It’s none of that. This is Face/Off 2. And I can’t say what that means exactly, but this is either going to be the definitive follow-up to that movie and everything that entails, or I’m not going to make it, because everything’s got to line up perfectly. The script’s going really good, Simon [Barrett] and I are almost finished. And Simon, who I worked with on You’re Next and The Guest, we’ve been working a lot over quarantine, and this was our main project. Face/Off 2. That’s what it is It is Face/Off 2, and I’ll just leave it at that”

With this, I have to be honest, while Face/Off does not really need a sequel, the fact its not a remake, more than makes me intrigued into seeing how this turns out and it be interesting to see what casting occurs in the upcoming months.

At the moment there are no details if Nicolas Cage or John Travolta will indeed be reprising their roles in some form.