At the time, dismissed as a horror version of the hugely popular The Goonies and a financial disaster at the box office, The Monster Squad has rightly become a huge cult film among horror fans, a totally underrated 1987 flick that finds a new generation of fans on each passing year.

We proud to say at Hacked 2 Pieces that its one of our favourite teen horrors and the news that original director Fred Dekker has been talking about a possible follow up has got us really excited.

Here is what he had to say:

I have a new [idea] now. There is a world where Monster Squad is still alive, Shane Black and I, in about a year-plus, will co-own the rights to it, so it’s something that I’ve been thinking about, but it’s gotta be done right or not do it. I am thinking of a TV series

But as a sequel, if we were gonna do a one-off sequel back in the day, the only thing I could think to do is skip ahead to the atomic monsters of the ’50s. Because we’d done all the ’40s monsters, there’s nobody left, really. The Invisible Man, although he’s not really a monster. So my thought is I love Tarantula, I love Them!, although that’s a Warner Bros. movie. The giant insects and the melting face from Tarantula and the Metaluna mutant. Even Universal had some really cool monsters in the ’50s that they didn’t have in the ’40s and that might be the route.”

This is the kind of news that gets us really excited and we are hoping that this is one project that does manage to get going in the near future!