We’ll start by saying that the SCREAM TV show wasn’t exactly a fantastic Slasher, especially as the criminally underrated HARPERS ISLAND was cancelled after one season, when that itself offered more thrills, spills and cooler kills than this new version of Ghostface failed to offer up.

Saying that, the two seasons we had, are a bit of a guilty pleasure and even though we can criticise, its that kind of a show in which if you can switch off your brain cells before you watch, then you will no doubt get a decent amount of enjoyment of the daftness on show.

Even though we did get a Scream Season 3, that version was a complete re-boot, with a whole new cast and many fans felt frustrated as the original storyline was left with many plot threads that will probably never get answered for those who stuck at it through out!

Original cast member Carlson Young who played Brooke Maddox for the two seasons, told COLLIDER that she too was shocked at the path the show went and also shared her idea of how she would have ended the storyline.

Here is what she said:

That was shocking. It was like, ‘You got renewed for a third season!’ Then it was quiet. And we’re like, ‘What does that mean?’ And especially just the way the show ended. There are these cliff-hangers and, I don’t know, it didn’t feel wrapped up. But when they decided to do the reboot, it was like, ‘Ok. Ok! Ok,’ and just sort of moving right along and kind of taking the entire experience with gratitude, and I even have a fraction to do with the Scream fanbase.”

I do feel like there could have been a really great episode where we all die. Like, why don’t you just kill everybody? It’s Scream! But just my thoughts!“

Are you disappointed in how the SCREAM TV Show finished? Let us know!