The huge success of Fatal Attraction, which made many males think twice of ever having an affair, spawned a small but yet vastly successful period of horror films where we had someone in a certain role, who was nothing more than the bogeyman in disguise.

From an evil stepfather. a psycho cop, to a nanny who wanted to do more than just rock the cradle, the late 80’s and late 90’s were awash with films of this nature and one of the popular entries was the 1990 hit PACIFIC HEIGHTS that saw Melanie Griffith, and Matthew Modine up against the psycho impulses of their tenant Michael Keaton, who lets be honest, always plays that kind of role with aplomb.

Its been announced that Morgan Creek are now working on a TV Show remake, which in their words, “will make a return as an open-ended dramatic series with a surprising and cheeky gender role reversal.”

So there you have it!

With Fatal Attraction itself also becoming a TV Series in the near future, are we getting a resurgence of this particular genre?