We adore Face Off, the 1997 actioner is one of our all time favourites so when it was announced that Adam Wingard was set to remake John Woo’s masterpiece, we were aghast at the very idea and concept.

Thankfully after the news broke, Wingard made a statement that he was a massive fan himself and he had no intention of remaking such an iconic film and that he was working on a sequel – a development that turned our anger into more of a curious and interested glance.

Now there are rumblings of excitement as original stars John Travolta and Nicholas Cage are “interested” in returning for the follow up? This is not just hearsay by the way as Wingard himself confirms that the two stars have been in contact.

This is what Wingard had to say!

Some people just assume when I say that that it just means it takes place in the world of Face/Off. To me, Face/Off isn’t about a procedure or anything like that. It’s not about the world that the characters exist in. It’s about Sean Archer and it’s about Castor Troy. That’s what this movie is about. It’s the continuation of that story. It’s hard to talk about other than that but this is, to me, the definitive continuation of that saga.

We’re still writing the script so it’s still in early phases…“Simon and I are very close to turning in our draft to Paramount soon. We’ll have to get over those hurdles of do they like this movie? They’ve read our outline. Everybody’s on board with it but actually turning in the script’s a different thing so we’ll see how everybody reacts to it.

Wingard also confirmed that the two actors are interested, but they still get script approval!

All of a sudden Face Off 2 is becoming a much anticipated project for us here at Hacked 2 Pieces.