The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is one of the most influential horror films of all time and while its original is held amongst the greats of the genre, the sequels have been more miss than hit, with the 2013 entry, Texas Chainsaw 3D becoming the very low point of the franchise and yes, we include the Star Trek inspired title fourth film, The Next Generation into that ranking.

To be fair, the 2017 prequel LEATHERFACE, was a massive upgrade on what has come before, even though it did not find the audience that it deserved and now the series is getting yet another upgrade, but this time with some intriguing twists.

First of all, this new entry is going to be set in the modern times and we’ll see Leatherface as an old man, this time played by Mark Burnham.

But the big news is that the original final girl, Sally Hardesty is to return, a massive plot twist that will no doubt spike the interest of die hard fans, even though sadly, we will not get to see Marilyn Burns reprise her iconic role as she sadly passed away in 2014, instead Mandy star Olwen Fouéré will take over.

Plot-wise we are still in the dark, but this sequel is going to be directed by David Blue Garcia from a screenplay by Chris Thomas Devlin.

No release date as of yet!