With Godzilla VS Kong having a great opening week and winning rave reviews from critics and also with Face Off 2 and a Thundercats movie next on the horizon, director Adam Wingard has given a hint that his 2014 underrated gem The Guest, could be getting a revival.

The film that starred Dan Stevens and was inspired by John Carpenter’s HALLOWEEN, is one of those releases that has been missed by the masses, but when found, gets instant love from those watching and is considered a cherished modern cult classic that its fanbase has been hoping for a sequel one day.

We thought WIngard may have moved on from ever considering it, but he has dropped a massive bombshell, that he and his writing partner Simon Barrett have recently talked about returning to this world and Stevens himself is open to reprising the lead role.

Here is what he said:

Well, the simple answer is that The Guest was a slow-burn cult classic. It’s a movie that was pretty largely unknown when it came out. It did well critically, but it didn’t really pick up until last year. During the pandemic, when it was re-released on Netflix, it really made a big splash with audiences finally. People finally started seeing it, and it was the number one movie on Netflix for a little bit. So, even though I don’t have a Guest sequel, [screenwriter] Simon [Barrett] and I have talked about it. We don’t have necessarily something that we’re excited about yet per se, but I’ve talked to Dan about it. Recently, I’ve seen Dan once a week, and we just hang out and chill. So we’ve talked about it a lot, but there’s nothing concrete. But I will say that we do have a very special Guest “sequel” that I’m working on in an unconventional way. It has to do with the music from The Guest, so there is going to be a big Guest thing coming up really soon that I think is going to thrill people. But no movies in the works just yet. There’s also a potential limited series down the line for it. Instead of doing a direct sequel to The Guest, we might do a limited series for it as a sequel. But again, it’s just not where our heads are at right now, so we’ll see.”

Out of all the recent announcements of the future projects that Wingard is set to embark on, we hope this is the one that actually does happen!