After a long, long gap to become a lumberjack, our favourite serial killer Dexter Morgan is set to emerge from deep in the woods to kill and entertain again as the classic show is gearing up for its much anticipated return later in the year and we now have some news, regarding what to expect, when it arrives.

Fans wondering and maybe hoping for some familiar faces to return alongside Dexter himself, may be disappointed as its original star James Remar who played Harry Morgan (Dexter’s Dad), has more or less, confirmed that no one is appearing in the return, apart from Michael C Hall.

Here is what he told a fan over the last few days.

I will not be back as Harry Morgan on Dexter Season 9. And thank you for saying that Harry is one of the best characters you’ve ever seen in a TV show. It was one of the best characters I ever had the chance to play. Especially Season 1. You know, pal, they just didn’t ask any of the original cast back. And so I don’t know what they’re doing. I really have no idea.

This little snippet from Remar more or less confirms the speculation that only Hall will be the returning cast member and this revival will be a complete new story, but we are just wondering if this is a bluff and we may get a surprise or two on its return.

We just have to wait and see.