Well the ending did promise us a sequel and for fans of BLIND, you can smile with delight as the follow up is set for its premiere during Popcorn Frights Film Festival at Florida.

We reviewed the original back in January of this year and sadly only gave it one hatchet out of 5, but to be fair, it has build up a cult fanbase and the sequel which we will see Marcel Walz return in the director’s chair will be called PRETTY BOY and will not doubt excite fans on its release in a few months,

Here is the synopsis of the film that stars Sarah French, Jed Rowen, and Devanny Pinn

a masked killer named Pretty Boy, who takes a blind woman from her home in the Hollywood hills and crashes a Valentine’s Day party where the bloodshed continues as he runs amok with his butcher knife. Expect disco lights, glitter, a killer soundtrack, and lots and lots of gore!

One thing we will say, the masked killer had a very cool and creepy look!