It may come across at times as a LOST rip/off, but mystery series MANIFEST has gained a huge and passionate fanbase and despite it being axed by NBC after the end of season three, the viewing figures on Netflix have been incredible, so much that the streaming giants have stepped in and given fans what they have wanted – a fourth and final season!

Creator Jeff Rake broke the news with a statement, showing his appreciation and joy that his beloved show will get the closure he so badly wanted.

Here is what he said:

What started years ago as a flight of fancy deep in my imagination has evolved into the jet engine journey of a lifetime,”

Never in my wildest dreams could I have envisioned the worldwide outpouring of love and support for this story, its characters, and the team who work so hard to bring it all to life. That we will be able to reward the fans with the ending they deserve moves me to no end.

On behalf of the cast, the crew, the writers, directors, and producers, thank you to Netflix, Warner Bros., and of course to the fans. You did this.”

Work is now ongoing to get most of the original cast members signed up.