Having sat out on the last on the last two sequels, its been announced that Frank Grillo is to return to The Purge franchise for the next sequel.

This news will delight fans of the popular actor who arguably starred in the best instalment The Purge: Anarchy and followed it up with the third film The Purge: Election Year and now we will get to see his character Leo Barnes getting sucked into the one night of mayhem for one more time.

This is what franchise creator James DeMonaco said about the planned film:

Dude, my Purge 6 idea is all about Frank. It’s all about the Leo character. Without giving anything away, I think he’s off on his own, but he’s going to be called back into action, hopefully on Purge 6, if we’re lucky enough to do it. I hope that Leo comes back. That’s the goal. When I came up with Purge 6, he was the center of the idea. I’m hoping that we get to do that with him.

And Grillo has now confirmed he is indeed coming back!

We committed to doing that – Purge 6 with [James DeMonaco] directing. It’s based on the Leo Barnes character. I’m excited. He’s going to send me the script. He just finished it. So, yeah, I’m really psyched about that. I love doing the Purge movies… I’m psyched, they called me and said James wanted to direct one more and I’m like, ‘Don’t even tell me. I’m in.’”

This bit of news makes The Purge 6 a more interesting watch!