Fans (like myself) who were bitterly upset a few years back when NETFLIX announced that season 3 of their hit DAREDEVIL show was going to be the last….then hold on to your Superhero hats as reports are surfacing that MARVEL are rebooting the show for DISNEY +

This comes from PRODUCTION WEEKLY an industry magazine that reports on which movies and shows are entering production, lists “Deadpool reboot” in the latest round of listing, released March 17. 

While this is exciting news, it also comes as expectations have rose over the last few months, what with Vincent D’Onofrio reprising the role of Kingpin in the HAWKEYE TV show and of course a certain cameo by Daredevil himself Charlie Cox in a certain box office hit.

MARVEL are yet to confirm the news officially, but it does look like this could be happening….