Jamie Foxx is hunting down Vampires, in this overlong and quickly tiresome Netflix actioner….

An opening act in which Bud (Jamie Foxx) whips out a shotgun full of wooden pellets and has a slam-dunk with a 90 year old gran who is revealed to be a vampire, bodes well for NETFLIX’s new flick DAY SHIFT, the trouble is we get the same scene virtually played out over and over throughout its near two hour run time and the smell of repetitive lingers long into the air than any garlic on show.

Set in the sunny LA where Vampires are at rage, Bud plays the part of a pool cleaner, but in reality he drives around in his pickup hunting down any of the dead, yanking out their fangs as it oddly sells well within a Vampire killing secret union in which Bud is currently exiled from.

Bud needs money quickly, well $10.000 to be precise otherwise his ex-wife Jocelyn (Meagan Good) and his daughter Paige (Zion Broadnax) are upping stakes and leaving, leaving Bud no choice to act quickly and do some killing and perhaps be accepted back into the Union for one last chance.

With the help from his old buddy Big John (Snoop Dogg), he’s back on duty on the condition he has a partner, a hesitant Seth (Dave Franco) who is more happy sitting behind a desk than actually out on field duty, the trouble is Bud’s opening introduction conquest brings him trouble in the eyes of Audrey (Karla Souza), a Vamp thirsty for revenge who targets Bud and his family, who are unaware exactly of what the father figure does as a day job.

Think of every action/comedy film you have seen in your lifetime and I am guessing Day Shift has borrowed some sort of plot angle to keep the momentum running and any originality that does flicker to life is quickly thrown away by some odd plot holes that will leave you scratching your head and mystified by the actual rules of the Vampire lore on show.

Some will get a kick out of the action scenes, but for most they soon feel it becoming a tedious slog and if it weren’t for the charismatic Foxx who always brings it to the table, Day Shift would be a complete disaster, even if we have to witness Snoop Dogg’s final scene, uttering a classic line from a much, much better Vampire movie that perhaps was meant as a homage but is one of the most groan inducing cringe worthy cinema moments in 2022 that made me instantly wish I was watching the movie they were referencing instead.