My love for the early 90s TV classic Quantum Leap goes very, very deep. Sam Beckett leaping from life to life, putting right to what went wrong while accompanied by Al, a hologram that only Sam can see and hear is a show dipped in nostalgia, in which every episode reminds me of my childhood and memories of how excited we all were when Sam leapt in to someone else at the end of the episode and having then needed to wait a week to see what happens next.

It was only a matter of time before the show had a reboot/remake and now 30 years on Quantum Leap is returning with a brand new guy jumping into the machine and “vanish”.

Thankfully the new show doesnt forget its past as Raymond Lee plays Physicist Ben Song, who tries to find out what happened to Dr Sam Beckett (Scott Bakula) all those years ago as he himself “leaps” into the past.

The trailer offers more if an upgrade of the past (which is to be expected) but devoted fans will love the nods to the old show – Swiss Cheese memory – and a few other things that at least gets this Quantum Leap fan a little bit excited.

We have heard a spoiler about Ernie Hudson’s character which if true is a real good link to Sam, but we won’t share it here.

Here is the trailer for the show set to air on September 19th.