The legendary guys over on BLOODY DISGUSTING are always the ones to break the big news and this one is a biggie as they’ve discovered that horror creator legend Sean S. Cunningham is working on two of his favourite horror franchises.

Lets ignore the Friday the 13th talk at the moment as there has been too many false dawns (and hope) regarding that franchise and lets focus on the news that there may be a brand new HOUSE film which really thrills us at Hacked 2 Pieces.

The original 1986 box-office smash is a huge favourite within our office walls, a cult horror that saw author Roger Cobb [William Katt) encounter some ghoulies while on the search of his missing son in what was a glorious romp that still holds up pretty well today. A return to that world is more than welcome with screenwriter Jeff Locker stating to the guys at BD: “both an update and reimagining of the classic series, centering around the birth of a haunted house. Lots of great scares and howl-at-the-screen laughs, plus we’re bringing back a few of your favourite monsters from the original for some really fun but equally terrifying kills

As for the FRIDAY the 13th reboot, well with the forever legal case that we will not go into again – as most fans are now bored of it, but with PEACOCK making a CRYSTAL LAKE TV series, this could take shape with Locker once more telling BLOODY DISGUSTING: “Jeremy and I pitched our dream reboot of Friday the 13th – with Sean’s blessing to keep developing it with him. Obviously, the prequel TV series has reignited interest about a new film so we’re hoping the surrounding excitement will inspire both sides to come together and give us Jason on the big screen again for the first time in 14 years, but we also have a Plan B for a sequel to the original we think fans will absolutely love and should avoid any legal entanglements.“

We very excited over HOUSE, lets wait and see if Jason finally rises from his watery grave.